The RC-pilot Club of Edmundston New Brunswick “Les Ailes du Madawaska” has existed since 1999, but in the early 70 there was already a group of model builders in existence.  In 1986 a group consisting of about 8 members build a runway in St-Basile on “Nuns Flats” located on the edge of the St John River.  This runway is still in place today.  From 1986 to 1990, another group of amateurs of about 6 members had developed a runway at the Moulin Morneault on the Roussel Flats.  In 1989 a private aircraft runway located in Baker Brook was modified as an Rc-aircraft runway.  This group had about 4 to 5 modellers.  The members of each locality would visit the other groups who possessed the same interest and friendships were formed.  In 1995 two runways were active, one was at St- Basile and the other at Baker Brook, and they were used by a group of about 12 members. Often members met in St -Basile during the week and Baker Brook on weekend. In 1999 the club ” Les Ailes du Madawaska ” was formed and became part of the MAAC “Model Aeronautics Association of Canada.” This partnership allowed us to be recognized at the Provincial and National level, so we were able to implement safety standards for a safer recreational flying for all. In early 2000 the runway at Baker Brook was closed due to a change in ownership of the land.

Since the formation of the club, members of different clubs in the Maritimes and Quebec provinces, visits us to enjoy and share their hobby. According to our visitors, our track is one of the most beautiful in this part of the country. The Brayonne hospitality attracts many who come and participate in our annual event at the Edmundston Municipal Airport.

Among our members we have enthusiasts of a large variety of designs namely: civil and military aircrafts, helicopters and seaplanes. Some models may achieve speed of 200 km / h or more and weigh 10 kilos. Some members can work 200 to 300 hours on a model while others prefer models ready to fly models. There is something for everyone.

Recreational model airplanes is a hobby for all. Building and flying radio controlled airplanes and helicopters does not require rocket science. It allows those who love aviation to live great moments, to form friendships, to relax and enjoy life. The club ” Les Ailes du Madawaska ” is open to all. New members are well supported so that their dreams can become reality as easily as possible.